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  9. SPECTRUM_cloud
   9.1 Log In/registration
      9.1.1 Registration
      9.1.2 Log In
      9.1.3 Forgot password
   9.2 Data management
      9.2.1 Download/upload my files
      9.2.2 Download manufacturer data
   9.3 Service
      9.3.1 PHOTOservice
      9.3.2 PRINTservice
   9.4 Other functions

9. SPECTRUM_cloud

SPECTRUM_cloud is your personal SPECTRUM data store on the Internet, where you can save show projects and variants, download collection data and take advantage of a variety of services. The cloud also makes it possible to exchange image data and variants between the different SPECTRUM applications.


9.1 Log In/registration

Anmeldung / Registrierung
DTo access the cloud, click the "SPECTRUM_cloud" button in the program. An Internet connection is required.


9.1.1 Registration
You have to register before you can use the SPECTRUM_cloud for the first time. To register, click "Create account": You see the registration screen. Fill in all the required fields (marked with asterisks) and click "Register".
You can now log in with your access data.


Note: If you already use one of the other Caparol/Spectrum portals, such as capadata_online or the Jumbo Portal, you do not have to register again for the SPECTRUM_cloud. You can use your existing login data from the other portal to log in to the cloud.