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  1. Introduction
   1.1 Notes on using this manual
   1.2 Overview of chapters
   1.3 New features in SPECTRUM 5
2. Installation
   2.1 System requirements
   2.2 Installation of the program version and components
   2.3 Activation of software
      2.3.1 Activation with serial number
      2.3.2 Activation with CmStick (Dongle)
   2.4 Installation of basic data
   2.5 Updates
3. Program overview
   3.1 Structure of the program interface
   3.2 Program navigation modules
   3.3 Main navigation
      3.3.1 File
      3.3.2 Edit
      3.3.3 Studio
      3.3.4 View
      3.3.5 Extras
      3.3.6 Help
   3.4 Shortcut commands

New features in SPECTRUM 5

Here are the most important new features of SPECTRUM 5 compared with the predecessor version SPECTRUM 4.0:
  • SPECTRUM_cloud:
    All SPECTRUM applications are now connected with the SPECTRUM_cloud.
  • Touch optimisation and monitor size
    The entire program interface has been optimised for touch screens.
  • 3D objects:
    Integration of NMC profiles and Melapor acoustic products in room images.
  • Express
    Wenn es mal schnell gehen muss - Bearbeitung ohne Flächenmaskierung im Express-Modus.
  • Optimised image library
    Each sample image is now available in three different colour variants, each developed by professional colour designers.